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Picture of Immobilizer Dongle for SDT 2

Immobilizer Dongle for SDT 2

Immobilizer Dongle for use with the SDT 2 to reprogram keys and fobs on Suzuki Vehicles.

This Dongle is only available to Suzuki certified Service Providers and NASTF certified Locksmiths.

This tool is also only available for use in the continental United States and cannot be sold out the continental US.

You must have a Suzuki SDT 2 Diagnostic tool to be able to use the Immobilizer Dongle to register keys or Fobs.


Immobilizer Dongle for SDT 2
Item Number: F-00K-108-870

The Immobilizer Dongle can only be used with the SDT 2 Diagnostic Tool to program Immobilizer keys and fobs.

The Immobilizer dongle can only be purchased by Suzuki Authorized Service Providers and NASTF Certified Locksmiths in the continental US.

Price: $159.50    (Available Quantity - 5)