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SDT 2 Diagnostic Tool Kit complete with diagnostic software.
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Note to Authorized Suzuki Parts Providers: The SDT 2 Diagnostic Tool kit is now available directly though the Suzuki Parts Department under Part # 99970-08873.

Introducing the NEW SDT 2 Diagnostic Tool Kit. This is a new generation PC based diagnostic tool from Suzuki.

The SDT 2 can diagnose the vehicle faster compared to previous tools giving you more time to repair the vehicle. The SDT 2 has similar diagnostic features compared to the original SDT, plus new features like VIN Lookup, Vehicle Health and Communication Bus Check. The SDT 2 also has an accessory WIFI dongle (available separately) allowing you to diagnose vehicles remotely from your workbench. The SDT 2 kit contains a VCI interface module, a power supply, USB cable, DLC cable (to diagnose a vehicle) and it all comes in a hard shell protective carrying case. The SDT 2 requires a 1 year software subscription which is included in the purchase of the SDT 2. The SDT 2 diagnostic software only works on the latest Suzuki model vehicles (see model application list). The software requires a PC or Laptop with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

The SDT 2 can also be used for pass through reprogramming of modules on most Suzuki vehicles when combined with the SEPS software (see SEPS application list). SEPS software is not included with this kit.

Note: The SDT 2 now has Immobilizer key reprogramming function available using the accessory Immobilizer Dongle (Part # F-00K-108-870 only available to Locksmiths and Suzuki Authorized Service Providers in the continental U.S.).

Note: Accessory WIFI dongle (Part # F-00K-108-665) not included in the kit, but can be purchased separately.

Note: The SDT 2 cannot be purchased without the SDT 2 diagnostic software.

Note: Diagnostic software subscription can only be applied to the account on which the tool was purchased.

Note: SDT 2 cannot be sold outside the continental US.

Item Number: F-00K-108-873

This kit includes a SDT 2 Vehicle Communication Interface module (VCI), DLC cable to connect the VCI to the OBD2 connector, a USB cable to connect the VCI to the computer, a power supply, a hardware manual CD and a hard case for tool storage. It also includes a 1 year subscription for updates to the diagnostic software.

The SDT 2 works with most of the current model suzuki cars and truck. Please review the application list for more information. Click Here: Model Application List 

This kit does not include the accessory WIFI adapter (Dongle), or the accessory Immobilizer dongle.

The power supply is a required part to update the software on the SDT 2 , but the power supply is no longer part of the kit and must be purchased seperately under part # F-00K-108-330 (or the parts order system under 99970-08330). You must order the power supply when you order the SDT 2 so you can update the software when you first use the tool.

If you are an authorized Suzuki Service and Parts Provider, you can purchase this tool through the Suzuki parts order system using the new parts department part number:


If you are a Retail Customer, you may purchase the tool through an authorized Suzuki Service and Parts Provider using the part number above, or order the tool directly from this web site by clicking on the add to cart. To find the closest Service Provider, click on the link below and type your zip code in the search field.

Suzuki Service and Parts Provider

Price and lead-time are subject to change when purchased through a Suzuki Parts and Service Provider.


Price: $1,398.99    (Available Quantity - 1)