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Access TIS2WEB Portal

TIS2WEB Portal Access

Techline Information System (TIS 2 Web) is a web based delivery system that allows technicians to perform Service Programming (SPS), update the Tech 2, and view Tech 2 snapshot data in a Windows environment.

  • The Tech2 View Function is used to have Tech2 screen displayed on your PC screen.
  • The Software Download function updates the Tech2 scan tool software.
  • The Snapshot function provides means for viewing scan tool snapshot data as well as freeze frame and capture info data on the PC.
  • The Service Programming System function updates the flash calibration files that are stored in a vehicle onboard controller.

Data and software available through TIS2WEB is only applicable for the 32 meg card which can only be used on a 2007-2009 Suzuki XL7.

Download the TIS2WEB User's Guide

Tis2Web access requires using the Java version supplied by the Tis2Web website and Internet Explorer as the browser. 
If you are having problems accessing Tis2Web:
1) Make sure you are using Internet Explorer as the browser.
2) Uninstall Java from your computer, reboot your PC and reinstall the Java version supplied by GM using the popups.

Picture of TIS2WEB 24 Hour (Single Day) Subscription for 32 mg card (07-09 XL7 Only)
TIS2WEB Electronic Service Information 24 Hour (Single Day) Subscription for 32 meg card